Top Content Writing Agencies In India 2021

‘Do you want to be the best? Then outsource the rest’ – Peter Drucker.

After 5 years of experience in the business world, I have realized that outsourcing is one of the most underrated but vital weapons for your business success.

I never believed in the idea during the initial days of the entrepreneurial journey, but once I experienced the power of outsourcing, it helped me:

  • Minimize most of the workload
  • Help me and my team focus on my business aspect more
  • Save my time and energy
  • Get a high-quality job done in the most inexpensive way

If you are a business owner with an online presence, you already know the importance of content in every aspect of business growth.

So let me ask you:

Who handles one of your most crucial business tasks of quality content creation?

Do you handle it yourself? (and while doing that mistakenly neglect all the other critical business aspects that you perform the best at)

Or are you thinking of hiring a team of experts that can dismantle your entire budget and turn out to be the most expensive business decision?

Answer this:

Why not outsource your content requirements?

Why not let professionals handle the lifeblood of your online business?

Do you think, “where can I find the right content service providers for your content, who also don’t create a big hole in my pocket?”

Well, if you are concerned about how someone can align with your brand’s content needs and maintain a consistent brand tone and voice, without being your full-time employee it’s time you stop worrying.

I have filtered down a list of India’s best content writing companies, along with the details about their pricing, writing services, and content formats they deliver so that it’s easier for you to finalize which one suits the best for your enterprise and its content marketing goals.

Without further ado, let’s get started:

Top Content Writing Services In India

1. Apna Writer

Apna Writer is undoubtedly one of India’s best content writing agencies as it has served more than 300 happy clients over the past three years. With ​15 Lakh+ words published, the agency has become a leading name in the writing industry.

You can order content by filling a simple form. Apna Writer’s talented writers then create content as per your brief that will charm your customers. With customer satisfaction being a topmost priority, Apna Writer provides a 100% refund guarantee on its services if you’re dissatisfied.

We cover all the major content formats that can help you in your digital marketing efforts. Our formats range from:

  • Website copy
  • Video scripts
  • Landing pages
  • Ebooks
  • Blog Articles
  • Social media posts
  • Ad copies
  • White papers
  • Emails
  • News content, among other content writing formats

And do you know the best thing about associating with Apna Writer?

I’ll be personally looking and managing your entire content requirements to ensure there’s no room for error because I understand how important your content is for your business.

2. Content Whale

Content Whale is another great writing agency to help you with content-related projects. It provides SEO-friendly content to businesses around the globe. It provides 42 types of content formats. So, if you need a breadth of content requirements, Content Whale can be a good choice. 

3. Textuar

Textuar is another firm that is known for its quality content. It provides different content writing services such as web content, social media content, resumes writing, product description writing, brochure content, corporate profile, landing page content, and more. Furthermore, the company has got good reviews from clients which speak for its work. 

4. ContentHolic

ContentHolic is a content management company that creates every type of content for businesses. It provides both error-free and plagiarism-free content at pocket-friendly prices. Businesses having a regular need for content prefer to buy their customized packages. 

5. LexiConn

LexiConn was one of the early adopters to solve growing content demands, and they solved it with their content writing services. They’ve been in the industry since 2009. Since then, it has delivered lakhs of words to clients both in India and overseas.

The company delivers fresh content that tops the SERPs and resonates with the brand’s online audience. 

6. Wordplay Content

Wordplay Content is one of those agencies known for working well with numbers and analytics to deliver content. In its 15 years of experience, the company has written fresh content for India’s top e-commerce brands. 

7. Justwords

Justwords has received awards from major companies like Google for its outstanding work and a clan of creative minds. They boast of being a content marketing-driven digital marketing agency. For every client, Justwords puts expert writers, data analysts, and marketers to work. 

8. Witty Pen

Witty Pen is one of those established writing companies that provide quality content. From stringent writer selection, plagiarism checks, SEO-optimized to professional editing, Witty Pen makes special efforts to ensure that the clients get finished content. 

9. Content Connects

Content Connects, as their very relevant name suggests, connects businesses with content and IT solution providers. The company offers IT solutions, mobile content, live news, live cricket scores, etc.

So, if you want a custom content solution at budget-friendly prices, connect with Content Connects. 

10. Pepper Content

Pepper Content is one of the largest content marketplaces where you can get content in bulk at reasonable prices. The brand has partnered with more than 45,000 content creators under one content hub.

Thanks to the huge number of content creators, Pepper Content serves every type of business – from newly launched startups to large corporations.

These are some of the standout content service providers in India. You can get in touch with each of the companies and find the ones you think are ideal to handle your content requirements.

If you want a complete special customized package for your enterprise, do click the ‘Get in Touch’ button on the Apna Writer website, I’ll be waiting to discuss your next content project requirement with you in detail.

Wait! That’s not it.

Here are some bonus tips from my end so that you find it easy to filter the best fit from the list of content service providers:

Tips to Choose The Best Content Writing Agency

Finding the best agencies becomes easy when you already have some kind of parameter in mind. Here are a few tips that will help you filter the best:

  1. Check their content: Many agencies claim to provide good content, but their content is not good enough. When going through the list of agencies, shortlist only those with SEO-optimized content to engage the readers.
  2. Check reviews and ratings: You can find online reviews and ratings for the most established agencies in India. One or two bad reviews are okay as reviews are opinionated, but if there are repeated bad reviews, consider them a red flag. Refer reviews and ratings as you do with Amazon products.
  3. Go slow at the start: Signing a contract that includes all your writing needs when starting with an agency is not mandatory. You can first give a small order to check if you can synchronize with the agency and if you like their work or not. You can extend the project once you are sure that the agency can handle all your content writing work.

See if you match your business’ vibe with these writing companies, and then proceed with the work.

I hope whatever agency you choose, your business achieves its content goals, and you reach your target market frictionlessly.

FAQs About Hiring a Content Writing Agency

Which is better: hiring content writers vs. outsourcing content to an agency?

Should we hire a content writing agency or content writers in India? Many factors can help you decide on this. If you have small writing work that needs to be done quickly, content writers are best suited for you.

However, if your businesses need a wide breadth of writing work, you should outsource to legit content marketing companies. Yes, at times, they might cost a bit, but they also help you with every step of marketing strategy, and you get genuine business advice coming from people who market their business only on content.

What are the charges for getting content done?

The charges of getting content done differ from agency to agency. The most important factor that affects the pricing is the experience and portfolio of agencies. Here is an average chart for content writing prices (per word):

Content Writing Charges


What is a fully managed content solution?

A fully managed content solution serves all your content needs. It includes emailers, whitepapers, website content, blogs, ads, ebooks, sales pages, etc.

Furthermore, in the fully managed content solution, a team of planners, writers, researchers, and editors helps you with every step. When you work with freelance writers, you get helped with the writing part. But content-driven agencies give you a fully managed content solution.

What types of content can we order for our business?

You can order blog articles, ebooks, press releases, product descriptions, emailers, copywriting, whitepapers, and much more for your business.

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