Here Is How I Deal With Difficult Prospects: 5 Simple Tips

Do you interact with prospects for your business regularly?

Do you find it hard dealing with difficult clients?

Do you get frustrated and angry while managing clients that annoy you?

If your answer is yes, then let me assure you that you are not alone.

Every person interacting with potential clients comes across situations where they have to engage with difficult clients because not every prospect is easy to handle.

So, how to deal with difficult prospects?

How can you ace the art of handling bad prospects?

Don’t worry. I’ll share all my experiences from the past 5 years of dealing with difficult clients professionally and still coming out strong every single time.

When difficulty managing prospects started affecting my personal life, I decided to change things around.

After going through all my learning in this article, I hope you can bring about the same transformation in your life.

But before we go through all the tips and lessons, let’s understand what problems could arise if you are not properly managing those difficult prospects.

Problems Of Ineffective Management of Difficult Clients

If you ignore the skill to manage difficult clients, you are in big trouble for the coming years.

Even if you don’t feel a problem right now, you’ll soon start experiencing this in the future. Here are some of the highlighted problems that might arise.


Stress is one of the major issues that might arise in your daily life because of engaging with some difficult prospects.

Sometimes clients are not happy with your quote; they might get angry quickly or are adamant about the requirements. All this can pile up for unnecessary stress in your life.

And unnecessary stress decreases your overall productivity.

Reduced Productivity

Unnecessary stress hampers your productivity and you’re left wondering and overthinking the things you could have said to counter it.

It will create a negative work environment in your office, and your team members will also be a victim of your stressful times.

With decreased productivity, you’ll not be able to fulfill the deadlines of your existing clients, and your business will take a downturn.

Your business numbers will decline, and it can affect your personal life.

Effect In Personal Life

Most of what we do at work reflects on the quality of our personal lives too. So if your work-life negatively influence your personal life, you won’t spend quality time with your loved ones, and believe me, that will be the most difficult phase of your life.

When stress takes control, your health deteriorates too. And like the old saying goes, losing health is the worst thing you can experience.

Bad Word-of-mouth Marketing

Another major impact of bad management of difficult clients is bad word-of-mouth marketing. If you cannot manage and deal with difficult clients, you’ll lose business, and they’ll share the experience with others in the industry and within their network.

It would result in your competitors getting all the potential business that could be yours if you had the skill to manage and satisfy a difficult client.

But what if I tell you that you can escape all these troubles by implementing a few simple and basic tips into your management skills.

Are you eager to know them?

So without further ado, here are my top five learnings to manage difficult clients for my content writing agency with finesse.

5 Simple Yet Vital Tips For Dealing With Difficult Prospects

Listen Carefully

The first thing that will help you differentiate between a difficult and easy client is by listening.

The way they’ll explain their requirements and what they expect from your end will give you a brief idea of how you need to approach the client further.

Listening will also help you prepare well to deal with a difficult client.

But remember, don’t jump to conclusions early and react to what they are they are saying.

You need to listen to what they have to say and analyze and understand their requirements. It will be best for you to grasp all that they have to say and develop a well-thought-out proposal or plan.

Tailor The Best Proposal

After listening to and analyzing all their requirements, you need to develop a tailored proposal for them.

Sometimes, clients get irritated if they don’t get the desired proposal, and they’ll become difficult to manage if they feel that their requirements are not fulfilled in what you propose.

You need to match the requirements and ensure that you have covered all the areas that they specifically demanded.

Patience Is The Key

Patience is the core ingredient for managing any difficult client. If you don’t have it, you need to slowly and gradually inherit patience for better results.

From listening to their special requests to negotiating the prices, from making changes to the first draft to professional communication, you need to be patient.

If you don’t have patience, it will become harder for you to manage highly professional clients during your business growth days.

Remove The Fear Of Negative Outcome

Another important tip for solid management of difficult clients is to remove the fear of undesirable results. Don’t try to oversell and force yourself to convert the prospect if things are not suitable for you to work.

Sometimes people go to extremes to satisfy a difficult client and have negligible future benefits while compromising many things.

Don’t do that.

You’ll get a lot of clients, so it’s ok to let go of a few. Focus on people who gel well with you and your business.

Anger Is Natural, Keep Calm & Carry On

During the initial conversations or project management, there will be changes when your prospects or clients get angry with something they don’t like.

It’s natural. It can happen.

Don’t stress and panic in those situations.

Try to pluck the problem roots and solve them as soon as possible so that the trust remains intact and there’s no hindrance in future relations and business transactions.

Kick-start Dealing With Difficult Clients Professionally 

These are some of the tips from my personal experiences, and I hope you can extract all the benefits from these learnings.

During your career, you’ll experience different prospects with different mindsets, requirements, and personalities.

You need a different approach and management skills to deal with different prospects and understand that not every prospect is good for your business.

Now that you know all the industry insights to manage difficult prospects, implement these learnings in your business just like I did at Apna Writer.

All the best, and I hope you do well in the future.

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